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RC set to grab excavator on tracks at a scale of 1:12 with 27MHz radio system and charger. 100% assembled and fully functional.

Thanks to modern RC technology, now you can easily fulfill his childhood dream - to become a huge excavator drivers controlling the machine into a powerful claw!

RC model Crawler Crane - Cable excavator with grapple in 1:12 scale electric cars faithfully performs most functions of a real excavator crawler. It features realistic landing gear with strips of flexible plastic, with drive, traverse and tensioning wheels that allow forward and backward, turning left and right in forward and reverse. There is a purely "Tank tweaks" - turning on the spot using movement protiběžného belts. Fully functional, of course, with a spoon excavator arm enabling turn recruit and tilted bulk materials. The mechanism of the platform and the arm is equipped with friction clutches that drive mechanism protects against overload.

The transmitter supplied with the model has two joysticks controlling travel model like "rajčáky" at skutečnho excavator crawler: forward bias current excavator goes straight forward, reverse bias current excavator back. For example, if the left lever forward while the right deflect left in neutral, digger turning right (left belt moves faster). If you depart one lever forward and the other backward, digger, thanks protiběžnému moving belt rotates in place. Other functions are controlled by buttons: two buttons control the rotation of the platform to the right or left of an excavator, two other controlled lowering and lifting the truss and the last two shoulder buttons control the opening and closing of the grab. All mechanisms are protected against overload and limit movement of a mechanical friction clutch protected - when the movement stops and you hear a clicking noise, you have reached the maximum limit of movement in that direction.

RC controlled model operates in the 27 MHz operating frequency is fixed. Because excavators are supplied to RC sets tuned to different frequencies, which can be operated simultaneously and several models of the same type. Secure reach RC kit is approximately 30 m

The transmitter is powered by a 9 volt battery platelet (supplied with the model), the model is designed to supply a set of six-cell 7.2V NiMH 800 mAh (AA cells).

The model is designed to be driven indoors or outdoors on a hard dry surface, in any case, do not ride with him in the water in puddles, mud, sand, high grass, on public roads and other areas (eg, parking) with car traffic. Improper surface are also high "furry" rugs.

Kit includes: nearly finished model ready to ride, transmitter, 9 volt battery for the transmitter and instructions.

Length [mm] 950
Width [mm] 222
Height [mm] 958CRAWLER CRANE

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